AdvanceClaim: Billing Solution

"AdvanceClaim™ is user friendly. There are only two billing screens, which makes billing each claim quick. Sending claims electronically is as simple as a push of a button; all payers can be sent together and some of our payments are received within five days of sending the claims! EOBs are automatically uploaded into AdvanceClaim™. Posting payments using this feature is accurate, and because the system does most of it, there is less room for human error. This is the first Web-based program we have used and the automatic updates processed during the night hours eliminate down time with my staff. Some of the features that are a huge time saver are:"

Billing: "We went from eight different billing screens to now only two billing screens."

Sending Electronic Claims: "We had to send each individual payer separately, and now all payers can go together. HUGE time saver!"

Payments: "In the past we would have to go to a website and upload all our EOB’s into the billing system. Today, we look under one tab in our billing system, and all EOB’s are there."

Follow-up: "One feature that AdvanceClaim™ is still improving is the follow-up reports. You can assign your billing staff certain payers that they are responsible to follow up on. This report is a “home” tab in the program and updates daily. You do not have to run a report to follow-up."

Eligibility: "With the press of a button, your system can check numerous insurance data bases for insurance and benefit information."

Claim Rejection Log: "All claims rejected from the payer for dates of birth, wrong ID numbers, wrong reason codes, etc., are immediately downloaded into the AdvanceClaim™ system. This allows you to immediately fix the claim and resend versus waiting for an EOB with the denial."

"I do believe AdvanceClaim™ has the potential to increase our cash flow. We began with AdvanceClaim™ in November of 2014, so we had a learning curve and billing was slow. Now, the Billing Representatives are billing, at times, one day after the date of service, and reimbursement is timely."

"The follow-up being visible without running reports allows the staff to do follow up daily."

"I also want to say that the Customer Service with MP Cloud Technologies is EXCEPTIONAL! I believe that, because AdvanceClaim™ is always looking to better their program and really “listening” to their customer, it can and will only get better."

Jocelyn Booker - Director of Reimbursement, Delta Ambulance

IntelligentEligibility: Upfront Insurance Verification

"For those patients whose insurance was not available at the time of call-intake, we have seen roughly 30-40% return of valid insurance through the IE system. The system is easy to use. Once the basic demographic information is available, a single click and date selection returns the results. The fact that this is integrated directly into our billing software is a true advantage over having to switch system interfaces or wade through phone system menus. The ability to find a payer for a claim where one was not known, without going through the often lengthy process of contacting a patient or facility for records, saves our staff significant amounts of time. It provides an in-house source of payer information that was not previously available to us. Obtaining this information prior to the availability of IE required multiple software interfaces or contacting the patients and facilities directly to attempt to obtain the information. Particularly when this required utilizing mail, it delayed the billing process significantly. Any time we are able to accurately determine the correct payer for a claim, it directly affects our cash flow. Time in AR decreases, billing errors decrease, less time spent per claims means a greater number of clean claims can be built with less man-hours and greater accuracy."

Steve Higgins - RN/EMT-I, Executive Vice President, Priority Patient Transport, Inc.

AdvanceDispatch: 100% Cloud-Based, Fully-Hosted CAD Solution

On the value of AdvanceDispatch: "The crew SMS notifications and the color changes for units that remain on scene too long are great visual indicators. We have been able to adjust our staffing and truck times accordingly. This has increased our use of peak trucks and decreased our idle times."

On customer service: "I have emailed our primary contact often and they always route the questions to the right people right away. The MP Cloud Technologies team works hard to meet our requests."

Dianna Tatum - Nurse Manager, Cape Fear Valley