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We value our customers being able to provide the best service possible. To do that, we partner with other companies that are committed to being leaders in the industry. With their help, we’re revolutionizing EMS management software. 

See below to obtain a better understanding of how our partner integrations enhance MP Cloud Technologies to make life better for you.




MPCT- ChangeHealthcare

Serving as our internal clearinghouse, Change Healthcare is the leading provider of revenue and payment cycle management. This makes it fast, simple and reliable to process your claims without ever leaving our AdvanceClaim™ system.


MPCT- Accuring

LexisNexis's Accurint tool provides a streamlined, point-of-need solution for investigating claims, patients and providers. LexisNexis Databases also give easy and immediate access to missing patient information or  demographics, allowing for real-time verification.



MPCT- EmTech Revenue ManagementEMTech offers full-service billing and consultation for our clients along with streamlined access to the latest hardware and software solutions designed to maximize your revenues.  



MP Cloud Technologies- Acryness

Fully-integrated with our AdvanceClaim™ solution, Acryness provides patient/consumer communications as well as payment solutions for healthcare providers as well as commercial B2C billers.


Webfleet_33-1-1With Webfleet Telematics or your preferred AVL partner, dispatch units based on fleet location for accurate mileage calculations and real-time ETA updates. You’ll also be able to  optimize workforce scheduling and customize certification tracking, all from one central hub.