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Delta Ambulance makes a change for the better

Published: November 06, 2019 in Case Studies

Delta Ambulance, formed in 1972 in Waterville, Maine, has established itself as a state leader in expanding emergency medical skills and services. Over the years they have cared for almost 350,000 people, traveled more than 4 million miles, and were the first in Maine to perform advanced life support neonatal transfers as well as licensed aeromedical transfers.

However in spite of long-standing success, the situation with their billing software was not ideal. Overhead expenses continued to increase and billing solutions were inefficient and cumbersome. Productivity became so hindered that it finally got to a point where their only choice was to find a new provider.

After analyzing the situation, we worked closely with Delta Ambulance to make the transition to AdvanceClaim and AdvanceDispatch seamless so their operations didn’t miss a beat. Once implemented, they immediately saw the benefits:

  • They were able to remove their onsite servers, significantly reducing overhead costs
  • The platform’s simplified User Experience design and automation allowed them to allocate more working hours to accounts receivable instead of manual data entry
  • With our application being cloud-based, employees could now access the system remotely, expediting response time for reps and increasing accountability and collaboration among departments

With these new time and cost efficiencies, Delta was able to focus their resources on expanding their fleet and personnel, allowing them to grow their overall business. Since our partnership began in 2014, they have seen the following results:

  • 70% increase in average charge per transport
  • 77% increase in revenue generated per transport
  • 10% increase in their collection rate (from 86% to 95%)

The fragmented EMS management software market is a crucial aspect of your business, but no one seems to be advancing the simplicity and operational efficiency that today’s technology can offer. We have latched onto that opportunity and fully embraced it with the idea of making OUR CUSTOMERS’ LIVES BETTER with a superior product. We do this for hundreds of private and municipal EMS providers throughout the United States, with success stories just like Delta Ambulance’s.

Our clients quickly see how running their business, hospital or municipality doesn’t have to be an all-consuming endeavor once they make the switch, and that life is truly better with the cloud. Allow us to show you how our industry-leading software will benefit your company from day one with a free, no-obligation demo.