No Claim Left Behind

No Claim Left Behind

So many claims. So little time. 

In the fast-paced world of claims processing, it's all too easy for a rejected or partially-paid claim to get lost in the system. Nobody wants to search through old claims, looking for ones that need to be processed again. Who has time for that?

In some cases, payment on these lost claims could increase your revenue by as much as 23%. That's a lot of money hiding in the cracks. That's money you should be receiving.

There is a better way...

Our Promise: Never lose a claim again.

Our AdvanceClaim for EMS Agencies and AdvanceClaim for EMS Billing software  includes a proprietary system that constantly monitors your claims and puts unresolved claims back into your worklist - automatically

  • Any claim over 30 days old is added back to the billing queue
  • No more looking for old claims
  • No more sticky notes reminding you to follow up
  • No more claims getting lost in the system

Our AdvanceClaim software actively looks for claims other systems overlook, and puts them back into the team’s processing queues so they can be billed and not left behind.

Here's the Scenario

Your claims-processing team handles many claims every day. There's no way to know which ones may be partially paid or rejected. Tomorrow they will have more new claims, and every day the potential for lost revenue grows.

In most companies, a team member has to run an aging report to find unpaid claims, and then has to take the time to manually add them back into the billing queue to be reworked.

We changed all that.

With AdvanceClaim, any claim that has not been paid within 30 days will automatically show up in your work list to be reprocessed.

No headaches. No reports. No extra work. No Claim Left Behind. 

That's our promise to you.

Explore our AdvanceClaim software to discover your hidden revenue.

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