100% Web-Based, End-to-End EMS Solution

MP Cloud Technologies cutting-edge, cloud-based technology transforms your business and operations right out of the gate. Whether used independently or within our integrated, end-to-end solution, our applications streamline workflow and reduce costs. Read about our all-in-one product suite, AdvanceGold™, or learn more about any one of our core products—from AdvanceDispatch™ CAD solution, to ePCR, to AdvanceClaim™ billing solution.

  • Fully-hosted, Cloud-based Solution

  • Integration and Workflow

  • Flat-Fee Monthly Pricing

  • Optional Enhancements

  • Security and Compliance

  • Data and Reporting



Achieve a 99% clean claim rate upon first submission with MP Cloud Technologies fully-hosted, cloud-based EMS billing solution. Send complete claims and get paid more quickly.                 

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Precisely orchestrate every aspect of your response – from scheduling to routes and protocol – with MP Cloud Technologies fully-hosted, cloud-based computer-aided dispatch (CAD) solution.

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“Touchless Claims” time saving capabilities improve regulatory compliance, accelerate reimbursements while reducing labor cost, claim errors, rejections.

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Verify eligibility prior to transport and claims submission to get paid sooner from the convenience of your AdvanceDispatch and AdvanceClaim application.

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AdvanceGold™ is a fully-hosted, cloud-based end-to-end EMS workflow solution that helps providers drastically improve their efficiency for better patient care and increased profitability.
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