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Get the Most Out of Every Minute and Every Mile

Meticulously orchestrate every aspect of your response, from scheduling to routes and protocol, with MP Cloud Technologies fully-hosted, innovative cloud-based computer-aided dispatch (CAD) solution. Through multi-channel communication and fleet management technology, you gain complete transparency into your field operation gathering the insights you need to become faster, smarter, and more cost effective.


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The ultimate workflow-driven EMS dispatch solution

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Facility Scheduling

Allow your customers to request transports.

Fleet Scheduling

Build and send out daily dispatch schedules.

Nearest Unit Feature

Allocate resources based on fleet location.

Dispatch Command Form

Assign, publish and timestamp trips.

Unit Tracking

View unit status and location.


GPS, Fleet Management & Crew Portal

Gain real-time visibility into vehicle location, routing, traffic, mileage calculations with GPS vehicle tracking, and allot resources based on fleet location with the Nearest Unit feature. AdvanceDispatch™ navigation and fleet management tools increase accountability and improve communication between dispatchers and crews, while the interface allows crews to manage and timestamp their trips.

Mobile Data Interface

Connect officers, supervisors and dispatch personnel to call details via AdvanceDispatch web-based interface. The interface enables the dispatcher to push multiple calls without the need for radio communications. All of the pertinent call details are readily available, and unit status can be updated with the push of a button.


Make more informed scheduling decisions with AdvanceDispatch scheduling features. You are able to assign, publish, and timestamp trips in the Dispatch Command Form, while your customers are able to request transports via the Facility Scheduling Portal. Schedule emergency, inter-facility or recurring transports, and build and share your daily dispatch schedule with crews.

Multi-channel Communication

Take advantage of multi-channel communication—including SMS and voice notifications—among dispatch, field staff, patient and facility. Communications include patient-appointment reminders and crew-activation notices. AdvanceDispatch also receives two-way trigger-based communication through ePCR documentation.

Active 911

Deliver quality, reliable information, and mapping with Active911 integration. Provide responders with updates prior to dispatching and in real-time as they are en route, allowing them to make the most informed decisions. 


Enhance visibility and accelerate response times with optionally integrated TomTom TELEMATICS navigation and fleet management solution, WEBFLEET. This technology enables you to dispatch units based on fleet location, providing accurate mileage calculations and real-time ETA updates. Additionally, optimize workforce scheduling, certification tracking with customizable alerts, and powerful forms management from one central hub.