Intelligent Eligibility

Single-click Insurance Search and Verification

Intelligent Eligibility

Get Paid Sooner with MP Cloud Technologies Intelligent, Upfront Insurance Verification.

MP Cloud Technologies premium feature for AdvanceDispatch™, and AdvanceClaim™ makes it possible for you to verify eligibility prior to each transport and prior to claim submissions, allowing you to get paid sooner. From the convenience of your AdvanceDispatch or AdvanceClaim application, IntelligentEligibility™ finds and verifies missing coverage information and auto-populates patient records in real time. Smart, simple, and with a single click, IntelligentEligibility fills in the blanks for you, AND it pays for itself with just one verification.


Eligibility Search

Search for eligibility from among top five payers in the region with just one click. 

Eligibility Results

See payer results in real-time and auto-populate the patient record in payer order.

Addition of Coverage

Verify upfront, submit cleaner claims, and write off fewer transports.

Visibility into Data

Build more complete patient records and prevent the reworking of claims.


Instant Results

Obtain immediate results when you search the top five most frequently billed payers in your region. Save time by eliminating searches on external websites and follow-up with teams by using single-click search and verification. Enter minimal patient data, and streamline billing and verification processes without ever having to leave the patient record. Know that you'll get paid up front, prior to transport, and prior to claim submission.

Batch Search Function

Automate the verification process with IntelligentEligibility Pro's batch-search and verification functionality. IntelligentEligibility runs automated, simultaneous searches for batches of patients to increase efficiency.

Fully-integrated Clearinghouse

Access the most accurate payer data available when you connect to 5,200-plus government and private payers with AdvanceClaim's fully integrated clearinghouse provided by MP Cloud Technologies' partnership with Change Healthcare. You'll gain unprecedented visibility using our in-house source of payer information, while eliminating external website searches and streamlining EDI.

99% Clean-claim Rate

Avoid reworking claims and rejection follow ups, and experience a 99-percent clean-claim rate upon first submission. You'll submit more claims quickly, while increasing your cash flow and reducing your DSO.

Comprehensive Patient Records

Build clean, complete and up-to-date patient records with access to the most accurate payer data and auto-population of missing data. This minimizes human error and eliminates redundancy, which results in submitting a greater number of clean claims.

Data & Reporting

Improve forecasting and make more informed decisions with higher quality data. Unprecedented visibility into payer data and comprehensive patient records provide you with the tools you need to make smart, real-time decisions.