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Thought Leadership

Financial Hardship Policies: Steps for Your Protection 

It's natural to want to assist patients financially when they're in hardship situations, however practices such as waiving deductibles and copays can put your organization in harm’s way if not done correctly.  Learn the important considerations for crafting a Financial Hardship Policy of your own so your company is protected while it continues to help those in need with a free download of our latest whitepaper.


Thought Leadership

Non-emergency Transport: Avoiding the Fraud Trap

There has been a rise in Medicare fraud cases against EMS companies and Hospital Systems alike. The culprit? Transporting patients that don't qualify for ambulance transportation. Don't let this happen to you. We cover the steps to protection and the qualifications needed when dispatching non-emergency transport in our latest whitepaper – enjoy a free download today.


Case Study

Delta Ambulance makes a change for the better

See how Delta Ambulance significantly increased their average charge per transport and collection rates after switching to MP Cloud Technologies in our latest Case Study.



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