Get Paid Faster.

Finally, your EMS Agency can process more claims with fewer hassles and headaches.

EMS Agencies MP Cloud.


“Sending claims electronically is as simple as a push of a button; all payers can be sent together and some of our payments are received within five days of sending the claims! Posting payments is accurate and because the system does most of it, there is less room for human error. This is the first Web-based program we have used and the automatic updates are processed during the night hours which eliminates downtime with my staff.”

Jocelyn LaCroix — Director of Reimbursement, Delta Ambulance

Faster and more accurate EMS Claims Processing. Available 24/7, from anywhere you have an Internet connection.

No more manual processes

With Automated Imports from most ePCRs, One-Click Searches, and Auto-Population of key claims data, AdvanceClaim for Agencies maximizes accuracy and efficiency by reducing redundancy and human error.

Do everything in one platform

Our seamless ePCR and Clearinghouse integration means no more switching back and forth between different apps to get things done. It doesn't matter which ePCR system your customers use, AdvanceClaim for Agencies handles them all.

Fast, safe, and secure

The entire system is 100% HIPAA, ICD-10, and HITECH compliant; and runs on AWS, the same enterprise-grade, secure and stable platform used by hospitals and major insurance carriers.

We Do it For You!

  • No more manual imports or uploads
  • Auto-updates every 5 minutes
  • Accept and process claims in 1 click
  • Submit claims in seconds
  • No envelopes, postage, or paper cuts
  • 100% HIPAA compliant
  • Industry leading security and stability
AdvanceClaim for Agencies Info Sheets

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Cost Benefits (PDF)

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Proprietary AdvanceCode™ technology eliminates human error in claims processing by automatically populating base rates, mileage codes, and medical necessity selections.

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Real-time automated insurance verification can happen prior to transport with our industry-leading IntelligentEligibility™ technology.

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Fully integrated Accurint® technology searches the LexisNexis database, providing instant access to vital patient information.

MP AdvDispatch-02-12

Our industry-leading integrated clearinghouse technology give you built-in connections to over 3,000 government and private payers.

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Create ready-to-bill claims with one-click NEMSIS ePCR importing. Easily batch upload and reject claims all from one intuitive interface.

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Easily watch your revenues & cash flow with our built-in Back-to-Operations™ reporting portal.

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Sleep easy knowing our Enterprise-level security, and ongoing HIPAA, ICD-10 and HITECH compliance are keeping your data safe and secure.

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Our systems are always on and available so you have the flexibility to operate on any device from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Find out how AdvanceClaim for Agencies can help you be more efficient, accurate, and profitable!