You can have it all with the Cloud.

Unlock maximum profitability and patient care potential with our fully-integrated suite of services. With seamless flow through Dispatch, Charting and Billing you will truly come to appreciate how life is better with the Cloud. AdvanceGold™ has been maximized for operational efficiency when all three components become the foundation of a patient’s journey through your system.

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What AdvanceGold does for you


MP AdvDispatch-02-51

All work is performed

under one intuitive interface

in order to simplify

processes, enable efficient

documentation, and

accelerate adoption in

the field


MP AdvDispatch-02-52

Auto-population and

data sharing across

platforms reduce

data-entry requirements

MP Icons-AdvDispatch-25

Real-time automated

insurance verification

prior to transport with

our industry-leading



MP Solutions Icons-20

Our flat-fee monthly

pricing model creates

a healthy cash flow and

increases profitability

with effortless


MP AdvDispatch-02-33

Auto-generated stored

transports and patient

details for improved


MP Icons-AdvDispatch-28

Seamless multi-channel

communication among

dispatch, field staff,

patient and facility

MP AdvDispatch-02-53

Insight into revenues

and cash flow with

our built-in Back-to-

Operations™ portal

MP Icons-AdvDispatch-32

Enterprise-level security,

and ongoing HIPAA,



The flexibility of the cloud lets you operate on any device from anywhere with an Internet connection.