Dispatch is better with the Cloud.

No other software can match the innovative multi-channel communication and fleet management technology of AdvanceDispatch. You’ll gain transparency and insight into your operations as well as enjoy faster, smarter and more cost-effective field service.


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What AdvanceDispatch does for you

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Real-time automated insurance verification prior to transport with our IntelligentEligibility™ software

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Real-time visibility into vehicle locations, routing, traffic and mileage calculations

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Accelerate response time through optional integrations or your preferred AVL provider

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Seamless multi-channel communication among dispatch, field staff, patient and facility

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Auto-generated stored transports and patient details for improved efficiency

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Enterprise-level security, and ongoing HIPAA and HITECH compliance


Schedule transports, track pre-authorizations and manage centralized resources with optional Vairkko integration

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The flexibility of the cloud lets you to operate on any device from anywhere with an Internet connection

AdvanceDispatch MP Cloud Technologies

Faster, Smarter Field Service

“The crew SMS notifications and the color changes for units that remain on scene too long are great visual indicators. We have been able to adjust our staffing and truck times accordingly. This has increased our use of peak trucks and decreased our idle times.”
Dianna Tatum Nurse Manager, Cape Fear Valley

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