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EMS Agencies and Billing Companies across the country use MP Cloud to improve cash flow, streamline operations, and reduce errors in their everyday work.

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EMS Claims and Billing Software - works 24/7 from anywhere you have an internet connection.

Spending all your time just keeping your business running smoothly?

Frustrated by billing inefficiencies? Tired of software providers falling short?

MP Cloud can make your life better.

  • 24/7 from anywhere you have an internet connection.
  • Eliminates manual data input and recoding.
  • One-click claims processing.
  • 100% HIPAA compliant.

Fully Integrated Clearinghouse  

Seamlessly connect to 5,200+ government and private payers via the EMS industry's first and only fully-integrated clearinghouse, Change Healthcare. This partnership makes it fast, simple, and reliable to process your claims.



Instantly verify existing patient insurance by meticulously searching your region's top twenty payers for missing coverage information. With IntelligentEligibility rest easy knowing that you'll get paid prior to claims submission.



Sit back and relax while a trip is automatically coded. The trip is auto-imported into AdvanceClaim, which analyzes the NEMSIS data points the coding is based off, ultimately minimizing manpower and human error.



Powerful, easy-to-use reporting tools allow custom and ad hoc reporting, facilitating faster recurring trips, providing companies more accurate documentation, and providing metrics for improved accountability.

Helping EMS Agencies and 3rd Party Billing Companies Improve Efficiency and Profitability. 

Get Paid Faster

Automated Imports and One-Click Search maximizes accuracy and efficiency by reducing redundancy and human error.

AdvanceClaim for EMS Agencies

Double Claims Processing Speed

No more manual data entry. No more hoping it’s done in the morning. Find lost fees and revenue and see the entire financial picture.

AdvanceClaim for EMS Billing

Respond Faster. Reduce Errors.

Dispatch with confidence using one-click patient information and insurance verification. No more guesswork or manual data entry.