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MP Cloud Technologies is the industry's ONLY fully-hosted, cloud-based software for end-to-end patient-cycle management. See how we can help you.




MP Cloud Technologies


Make a change for the better.

Frustrated by billing inefficiencies?

Tired of your software providers falling short?

Spending all your time just keeping your business running smoothly?

We can make your life better.

With our future-forward technology your company can reach the next level of business performance and patient care. 




Simple Efficiency

“Sending claims electronically is as simple as a push of a button; all payers can be sent together and some of our payments are received within five days of sending the claims! Posting payments is accurate and because the system does most of it, there is less room for human error. This is the first Web-based program we have used and the automatic updates are processed during the night hours which eliminates downtime with my staff.”

Jocelyn Booker - Director of Reimbursement, Delta Ambulance



100% Web-Based, End-To-End EMS Software

MP Home Page-06-23

MP Cloud Technologies- Integrated Clearinghouse for EMS Agencies
Fully Integrated
Seamlessly connect to
5,200+ government and
private payers via the
EMS industry's first and
only fully-integrated
clearinghouse, Change
Healthcare. This
partnership makes it
fast, simple, and reliable
to process your claims.
MPCT- EMS Transport Insurance Verification
Instantly verify existing
patient insurance by
meticulously searching
your region's top twenty
payers for missing
coverage information.
With IntelligentEligibility,
rest easy knowing that
you'll get paid prior to
claims submission.
MP Cloud Technologies- Advanced Coding for Claims Billing
Sit back and relax while
a trip is automatically
coded. The trip is
auto-imported into
AdvanceClaim, which
analyzes the NEMSIS
data points the coding
is based off, ultimately
minimizing manpower
and human error. 
MP Cloud Technologies - Reporting for EMS Billing and Dispatch
Powerful, easy-to-use
reporting tools allow
custom and ad hoc
reporting, facilitating
faster recurring trips,
providing companies
more accurate
documentation, and
providing metrics for
improved accountability.

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Trusted By Many

“For those patients whose insurance was not available at the time of call-intake, we have seen roughly 30-40% return of valid insurance through the IE system. The fact that this is integrated directly into our billing software is a true advantage over having to switch system interfaces or wade through phone system menus.”

Steve Higgins - RN/EMT-1, Executive Vice President, Priority Patient Transport, Inc.